The 1996 Albany Conference:
Frontiers of Mitochondrial Research

September 19-22, 1996 Rensselaerville, New York

[Wadsworth Center]

This is an international conference intended to bring together investigators in several different sub-fields of mitochondrial research, in particular:
mitochondrial channels and carriers, the mitochondrial permeability transition, mitochondrial hormone and drug receptors, mitochondrial protein transport, mitochondrial compartmentation, and mitochondrial chemiosmosis.


Participant list (as of August 27) and abstracts

The aim is to stimulate a free exchange of ideas within and between these groups to address issues such as: The intent of the conference is to encourage a free-flow of information and opinion among workers in related but diverse areas of mitochondrial research who seldom (if ever) meet as a group. The setting and organization are designed to promote informal interactions.

The meeting will be held on Sept 20-22 in a conference center set on a picturesque hillside in the Helderbergs in upstate New York. The site includes a modern auditorium building for plenary and poster sessions, and several comfortable houses and cottages for housing the participants.

The conference fee ($400) will cover room and meals from the evening of Sept 19 (Thursday) through midday on Sept 22 (Sunday), as well as transportation between the conference site and the Albany airport.

Formal plenary sessions will be restricted to mornings and evenings, with the afternoons free for informal discussion and impromptu workshops.

Specific session topics will be developed by the program committee over the summer based on abstracts submitted by the participants. A meeting page will be established on the WWW that will contain updates about evolving topics and participant lists. Participants will be able to provide timely, ongoing input into the topic-shaping process.

If you wish to preregister for this conference, please submit the application form on the next page. Please note that we are limited to about 100 participants at the conference center, so early respondents will be given preference if the meeting is oversubscribed.

Note that you need not send the conference fee now in order to register.

Send in the form and we will bill you later.

For further information contact... Carmen Mannella: carmen@wadsworth.org, Last change: Aug 5, 1996