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The Rieder Lab: Studies on Mitosis and the Cell Cycle

People Who Live in the Laboratory

Conly Rieder's Laboratory

Conly L. Rieder: Chief -- the guy who writes the grants and papers. B.S. (1972) in Biology from the University of California, Irvine; M.S. (1975) and Ph.D. (1977) in Biology from the University of Oregon, Eugene. Postdoctoral work in Zoology/Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin, Madison (1977-1980). Currently: Professor State University of New York, Albany; Senior Research Scientist: Chief: Laboratory Cell Regulation.

Alexei Mikhailov: Research Scientist II. A pediatrician in search of a cure for cancer. M.D. (1985) from St. Petersburg Pediatric Institute (Russia); Ph.D. (1998) in Cell Biology from Columbia University, New York; Post-doctoral work in cell signaling, Harvard/Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston (1998-2001). The in-resident expert on how entry into mitosis is controlled.

Polla Hergert: The lady from Minnesota who recently came to be part of the world's best EM group. B.S. in Biology (1994) College of St. Scholastica, Duluth, Minnesota.

Zhenye Yang: Resarch Affiliate I. A bright, enegertic and freshly-minted Ph.D. from the Shanghai Institue of Biochemisty and Cell Biology (2005) who is interested in how chromosomes move. His thesis was on the protein mitosin and was published in Molecular Cell Biology (25:4062-4074, 2005).

Galina Mikhailova: Assistant Research Scientist. The lady who keeps the lab organized and stocked, our cells alive and happy, and our problems few.

Michelle Hernandez: Administrative Aid. CFO of the books, and a wealth of information about who to see, for what, and why.

Daniela Brito: Ph.D. Student. Came all the way from a little town near Lisbon, Portugal, to learn how cells divide. Currently working on how vertebrate cells exit an aberrant mitosis.

Mio Shinohara: Ph.D. Student. Already equipped with a DVM degree, this lady from Japan is now mastering our techniques while she studies how entry into mitosis is regulated.

Welcome: The Rieder Lab