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Transgenics and Gene Knockout

The Transgenic and Gene Knockout Core facility is designed to produce and analyze transgenic and gene knockout mice that can be used as animal models of human disease.

The transgenic technology involves expressing foreign genes in the mouse. The foreign DNA is introduced into fertilized mouse eggs by the process of microinjection. In contrast to this technique, the gene knockout procedure involves inactivating or "knocking out" genes in the mouse. In gene knockouts, genes are isolated, inactivated, and introduced into embryonic stem (ES) cells.

early mouse embroyos

These special cells are derived from early mouse embryos and have the capacity to contribute to the complete development of the animal. The mice resulting from transgenic and gene knockout experiments are born, bred and analyzed for the effects of gene overexpression or inactivation. Animal rearing of resultant lines is the responsibility of the principal investigator. Applications to use this facility may be submitted to the Facility Director.

Production of these genetically engineered mice can facilitate more complete understanding of the consequences of increased or decreased gene expression in humans. Information from these studies can lead to a better understanding of the pathogenic mechanisms of human genetic and infectious disease as well as provide animal models that can be used to test new genetic and drug therapies to treat these disorders.

Equipment available:

  • Wild M3C PLANAPO stereomicroscope with video capability
  • Leitz MZ8 stereomicroscope equipped with 35 mm camera
  • Reichert Histoembedder
  • Reichert RM2065 Autocut Microtome
  • Zeiss Axioplan Photomicroscope


For further information contact: Kerri Kluetzman at Axelrod Institute