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Blood Specimen Collection Video

Proper collection of the bloodspot specimen is the critical first step in ensuring that every infant is screened quickly and accurately. This brief video details the step-by-step process that hospital staff should follow. You can order a DVD copy of this video through On-Line Ordering. The Newborn Screening Program appreciates your attention.

Click Picture Below to Watch Specimen Collection Video "Start Healthy - Stay Healthy".
Newborn with Nurse

PLEASE NOTE: Video may load slowly depending on your computer and connection speed. Please allow at least 30 seconds for the video to load. Press the 'play' button on your video player to start the video.

We recommend the following minimum software:
Macromedia Flash 9:

Internet Explorer 7:

If you cannot view the video on your computer, we will provide a DVD. Click on the following link: on line ordering.
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