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Newborn Screening Program

Archived Information and Updates

Archived Information and Updates

Contact Us

Contact Us

  • Mailing Address:
    Newborn Screening Program
    NYS Department of Health
    Wadsworth Center
    Empire State Plaza
    P.O. Box 509
    Albany, NY 12201-0509
  • Phone: (518) 473-7552
  • Email:

Testing Your Newborn Baby's Health


Your baby and every baby born in New York State.


Testing for some rare disorders.


Just before you take the baby home from the hospital.


With a tiny amount of blood taken from the infant's heel.


The blood sample is taken in the hospital. The testing is done at the State Health Department's Wadsworth Center laboratory in Albany.


Because many disorders can be effectively treated if they are detected early.



Every mother wants her baby to be healthy - but once in a while a baby is born with a disorder. To help you be sure your baby is healthy, the Newborn Screening Program in the Division of Genetic Disorders of the New York State Department of Health tests every child born in New York State for diseases that may not be identified at birth, but that may cause illness, mental retardation, or even death if not treated in the first weeks or months of life.

The program tests for more than 40 disorders. Some are inherited, and most are invisible during the first few weeks after birth. Fortunately, if identified and treated early, serious problems can often be prevented.

Ask your doctor about the test results when you bring the baby for the baby's first check-up.

To learn more about newborn screening, you can order the free brochure, For Your Baby's Health, on-line, call 518-474-4221 or for follow-up information 518-473-7552, or write to the:
Newborn Screening Program
Wadsworth Center
New York State Department of Health
PO Box 509
Albany, NY 12201-0509