Sfold License Information

Academic licensing
Sfold is available through both Web service and distribution of executable, at no charge to the scientific community for non-commercial applications. For Web service, please read the Sfold Web Service License Agreement for Academic Users. For distribution of executable, please read the Sfold Executable Code License Agreement for Academic Users and then fill out the online request form at the end of the license agreement.
In research publications, the users of Sfold are requested to cite the articles describing the algorithms of the program as listed below, in addition to including the server Web site http://sfold.wadsworth.org.

Ding, Y., Chan, C.Y. and Lawrence, C.E. (2005) RNA secondary structure prediction by centroids in a Boltzmann weighted ensemble. RNA 11, 1157-1166.

Ding, Y. and Lawrence, C.E. (2003) A statistical sampling algorithm for RNA secondary structure prediction. Nucleic Acids Res. 31, 7280-7301.

Commercial licensing

For industrial users, you are welcome to either try the interactive mode for short test sequences, or to examine sample output located at http://sfold.wadsworth.org/demo/, for the sole purpose of examining the tools and features that are uniquely offered by Sfold. However, for commercial applications, a license is required. Batch job submission for commercial purposes including test evaluation without a license is NOT PERMITTED. For licensing, please contact:

Robert L Gallo

Associate Director Technology Transfer

Health Research, Inc.

One University Place

Rensselaer, NY 12144-3456

Phone:(518) 431-1208
Fax:(518) 431-1234

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