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Ilham AlMahamid

Research Scientist, Wadsworth Center, Assistant Professor, School of Public Health,

Ph.D., University of Paris-Sud, France, 1990
Postdoctoral training: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 1991-1993


Research Interests

Dr. AlMahamid's research is focused on the development a radiobioassay program to determine individual intake of radioisotopes in case of nuclear emergency. Calculating the intake is a critical step in assessing exposure and defining strategies for remedy. Inhalation or ingestion of actinides may occur as a result of a nuclear emergency. As speciation plays a significant role in toxicity mechanisms, Dr. AlMahamid is studying the speciation of actinides in body fluids.

Another area of interest is the minimization of radioactive waste toxicity. The technique consists of transmutation of long-lived actinides to short-lived isotopes. This method requires sophisticated incineration reactors. To help design incineration reactors, it is important to provide nuclear parameters for actinides and minor actinides. Minor actinides are responsible for most of the radiotoxic inventory due to their very long half lives and their chemical mobility. The aim of this project is to provide nuclear parameters such as neutron capture sections, fission sections and delayed neutron data for actinides. Actinide targets are developed at the Wadsworth Center and at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The targets are irradiated with high flux neutrons at the Institut Lau-Langevin reactor, France. After irradiation, alpha and gamma spectroscopies are performed to characterize nuclear reaction products. The cross sections for neutron capture and fission reactions are calculated.

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