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Investigators and Program Directors

Pei-Yong Shi

Pei-Yong Shi

Research Scientist, Wadsworth Center, Viral Diseases
Associate Professor, School of Public Health, Biomedical Sciences

Currently on leave at the Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases

Ph.D., Georgia State University (1995)
Postdoctoral training, Yale University

Research Interests

Many flaviviruses cause significant human morbidity and mortality. Using West Nile virus as a model, we are studying the molecular mechanism of flavivirus replication and packaging, and developing flavivirus inhibitors and new methods for flavivirus diagnosis.

  1. Flavivirus replication. Flavivirus replication is a complex process mediated through sequential interactions among viral RNA elements, viral proteins, and host factors in a finely modulated fashion. We are investigating how viral elements and host proteins regulate viral translation and RNA replication.
  2. Flavivirus packaging. Using both molecular and biochemical approaches, we are studying how structural proteins recognize viral RNA to form infectious viral particles.
  3. Anti-flavivirus drug discovery. In collaboration with industry, we are developing inhibitors of West Nile virus by screening compound libraries and improving the quality of known, weak inhibitors.
  4. Flavivirus diagnosis. Using both biochemical and genetic systems, we are developing new methods for diagnosis of flavivirus infections.
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