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Grading Policy & Academic Standards

Grading Policy:

Grades in the Wadsworth Center Master of Science in Laboratory Sciences courses are documented in student records according to the following scale:

Letter Grade Numerical 4.0 Scale
A+ >97.5 4.0
A >92.5 4.0
A- >90.0 3.7
B+ >87.5 3.3
B >82.5 3.0
B- >80.0 2.7
C+ >77.0 2.3
C >72.5 2.0
C- >70.0 1.7
D+ >67.5 1.3
D >62.5 1.0
D- >60.0 0.7
E/F Below 60.0 0.0

Academic Standards:

All students are required to remain in good academic standing during the course of their study. Good academic standing is achieved by maintaining at least a B (3.0) average. A student whose record falls below the program academic standards at any time or whose performance otherwise indicates a lack of ability or effort needed to succeed in the Wadsworth Center's MLS program may be denied permission for further study. A student academically dismissed will have the Wadsworth Center stipend withdrawn effectively the date of dismissal.

For more information, see the Student Handbook.