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The program consists of 5 terms. During term 3, students will be required to complete rotations in assigned laboratories. Each student will work with the Laboratory Rotations/Capstone Coordinator to determine his/her laboratory rotation assignments. The purpose of the Laboratory Rotation is to provide the student with the opportunity to experience different laboratory environments and different experimental approaches, ultimately, guiding the student in identifying their Capstone Project. Students will complete their Capstone Project during terms 4 and 5.

In New York State, practice as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist or Cytotechnologist, Clinical Laboratory Technician or Histological Technician requires specific educational requirements and either licensure or certification by the New York State Education Department (NYSED). The Wadsworth Center Master of Science in Laboratory Sciences program offers a comprehensive overview of laboratory science with specific emphasis on public health. It is not intended to prepare individuals to meet NYSED examination and/or licensure requirements.

MLS Program Courses and Lab Rotations

23 credits in classroom instruction
27 credits in laboratories (including 5 laboratory rotations and capstone research project)
Total Credits: 50

TERM 1 (10 credits): August to December

TERM 2 (10 credits): January to May

TERM 3 (10 credits): June to August

TERM 4 (10 credits): August to December

TERM 5 (10 credits): January to May

Capstone Project, 10 credits

See description above under Term 4.