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Elizabeth Mahoney

Research Interests

The Laboratory Operations Group oversees the following Wadsworth Center facilities at five locations in the Albany area, representing approximately 900,000 square feet of space and over 210 acres of real estate: 

• Biggs Laboratory at the Empire State Plaza

• David Axelrod Institute for Public Health at New Scotland Avenue in Albany

• Griffin Laboratories in Guilderland

• Center for Medical Science building on New Scotland Avenue

• Division of Laboratory Quality Certification in Albany

Wadsworth Center’s ability to fulfill its public health mandate is totally dependent upon the availability of adequate physical facilities.  The size, location, and design of the internal physical plant and the quality of the plant operation affect the performance of laboratory staff, the functioning of analytical instrumentation and ultimately the accreditation of the laboratory.  In response to emerging public health needs, the Operations Group must be able to pursue a rapidly changing agenda for critical public health laboratory programs. 

The Operations Group provides services to laboratory employees via:

• The Information Technology Group - hardware, software, network, web and research services.

• The Dickerman Library – the largest biomedical research library in the Capital District serving the Agency, Wadsworth, affiliated students,  and Intra Library Loan patrons. 

• The Glassware unit - provides glassware to staff and diagnostic kits to the health care community in need of public health testing services. 

• The AAALAC certified Veterinary Science Program and Animal Welfare Program provide a gold standard laboratory animal research facility and regulatory services. 

• The Facilities Management Group – provide engineering, maintenance, custodial, transportation,  Instrumentation and Automation services, telecommunications and audio video support.  

Beth Mahoney joined the Wadsworth Center in 1981 after completing her B.A.  She assumed multiple progressive positons and committee appointments at Wadsworth while working with the Operation groups, Safety and Security, and extensive continuing education.  Of key importance is assisting management with short and long term planning to address changing public health laboratory requirements. Only through modern facilities and services providing a safe and functional environment for laboratory work can the Center meet the goals and objectives of its Public Health mission.