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  • Capacity and Communication Workgroup: To improve the capacity of NYMAC to support its efforts and to strengthen communication and collaboration among public health professionals, individuals, families, primary care and genetics providers, other subspecialty providers, public-private partnerships and other entities.
  • Newborn Screening and Emergency Preparedness Workgroup: To build capacity in state public health departments to enhance and sustain the delivery of newborn screening including follow-up and treatment services and to develop the systems needed to ensure emergency preparedness for newborn screening programs, clinicians, patients and families.
  • Evaluation Workgroup: To analyze data, analyze outcomes, produce reports, develop surveys, develop conference/symposium evaluations and to identify quality improvement opportunities.
  • Health Care Access and Financing Workgroup: To address systems issues including the organization of care, coverage, reimbursement and payment.
  • Primary Care Linkages and Strategies Workgroup: To increase primary care linkages and understanding of genetics & genomics in providing care to patients.
  • Public Health Workgroup: To increase the inclusion and integration of genetics and genomics information into the development of public health priorities within the NYMAC Region.