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Electron Microscopy

The Electron Microscopy Core assists scientists for ultrastructural studies of cell structures and tissues. The Core’s staff maintains equipment and provide resources for sample preparation and imaging as well as offering limited training for general and specific microscopy techniques. The staff participates in collaborative research and in pilot studies for grant applications.

Expertise includes:

  • Conventional fixation and thin sectioning procedures
  • Negative-staining
  • High-pressure freezing
  • Cryosubstitution
  • Immunolabeling of antigens at the electron microscopic level

Research facilitated by the Core includes:

  • Microbial pathogenesis (sexually transmitted diseases, Lyme disease, viral, fungal and bacterial infections)
  • Neurological studies
  • Cancer
  • Environmental health analyses
  • Diagnostic services for the Virology, Bacteriology and Mycology laboratories


  • Conventional transmission electron microscope, JEOL JEM-1400 with multi-specimen holder, cryo-specimen holder, and 4K CCD camera
  • Standard support equipment, including microtomes, resins, stains, grid preparation areas, etc.
  • Critical point dryer and sputter coaters for SEM sample preparation

In order to request service or for further information, please contact Dr. Jeffrey Ault, Director. Additional facilities that include cryo-sample preparation, various cryo-TEM imaging capabilities, and SEM capabilities are available through the 3D Electron Microscopy Group.