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Mouse Behavioral Phenotype Analysis

The MBPAC provides state-of-the-art instrumentation for behavioral phenotyping of mouse models of human disease. We provide training, as well as assist with experimental design development, assay selection, and interpretation of behavioral data. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive resource for Wadsworth Center investigators whose research programs include sensory, motor, and complex behavioral testing in mice.

Behavioral assays available:

  • Acoustic startle, prepulse inhibition, tremor monitoring - sensorimotor responses, adaptation and gating, motor function
  • Elevated plus maze - anxiety-related behavior
  • Elevated zero maze - anxiety-related behavior
  • Fear conditioning - learning and memory
  • Homecage activity monitoring - circadian locomotor activity
  • Open-field activity - exploratory activity and anxiety-related behavior
  • Operant conditioning - learning and memory
  • Passive and active avoidance  - learning and memory
  • Radial maze - learning and memory
  • Rotorod  - motor coordination and motor learning
  • T-maze  - learning and memory

To request service from the Mouse Behavioral Phenotype Analysis Core, Please read the Usage Policy and complete the Usage Agreement Form and contact Dr. Valerie Bolivar, Director.