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Laboratory Staff

De Jesus Laboratory Staff

From left to right:

  • Heather Gallagher, M.S. - Laboratory Manager
    Heather uses intravital multi-photon microscopy to capture movement of Langerin+ DCs within the small intestine to study uptake of β-glucan particle vaccine delivery vehicles by Langerin+ DCs.

  • Aaron Buissereth - UAlbany Undergraduate, Department of Anthropology
    Aaron studies the the C-type lectin receptors within Peyer's patches that recognize peanut antigens that are implicated in food allergies.

  • Magdia De Jesus, Ph.D. - Mucosal Immunology
    Our focus is to understand the early events and immunological consequences of antigen and microbial interactions with gut associated lymphoid tissues.

  • Kamran Zamani, B.S., B.A. - MPH Graduate Student
    Kamran studies the role of Langerin DCs in the uptake and delivery of therapeutic IL-10 loaded PLGA delivery vehicle in colon cancer. He is also characterizing the functional role of Langerin DCs.

  • Adam E. Rodriguez, A.S. - Honors Biology Undergraduate
    Adam has determined that Langerin+ DCs are involved in the uptake of the opportunistic fungus Candida albicans. Adam’s current project involves examining the influence of Langerin+ DCs on T-cells.