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Teaching and Seminars

Courses Taught

Level Course Position
Graduate BMS 506:  Introduction to Immunology Director
Graduate BMS 555: Biodefense Sciences Director
Graduate BMS 590: Graduate Rotations Course Co-Director
Graduate MLS 542: Clinical Immunological Technologies Instructor
Undergraduate BMS 305: Biological Basis of Personal and Public Health Co-Director

Invited Seminars

Term Title
Fall 2019 Science Teachers Association Statewide (STANYS); Breaking Barriers by Paying It Forward: The Power of Mentors and Role Models
Fall 2019 Rise Schenectady 8th grade-Immunology Section
Spring 2019 NSF INCLUDES Symposium for Advancing Latinas in STEM
Spring 2019 Northeast Biological Safety Association (NSBA)
Spring 2019 Siena College Department of Biology
Spring 2019 Wadsworth Center Microbial Pathogenesis and Disease
Spring 2019 General Electric: Candia auris an emerging pathogen
Spring 2019 Keynote Speaker: Girls in STEM Day Master’s Teacher’s Program UAlbany
Spring 2019 Schenectady County Community College: The Power of Mentors and Role Models. C-STEP Program
Spring 2019 Immunology of Fungal Infections Gordon Research Conference
Fall 2018 Schenectady County Community College Math/Science/Technology/Health Division
Fall 2018 Keynote Speaker: Science Teachers Association of New York State (STANYS) “A Scientist Looks Just Like You”
Spring 2018 14th Candida and Candidiasis Conference: Candida albicans Elicits Pro-Inflammatory Differential Gene Expression in Intestinal Peyer's Patches
Spring 2018 Invited Panelist at UAlbany “Intersectionality of the Professoriate”
Spring 2018 Skype a Scientist: Ms. Brootens, third grade class Marion T. Bedwell Elementary School in Bernardsville, NJ
Summer 2017 Invited Panelist at Wadsworth Center REU Program: What can you be with a Ph.D.
Fall 2017 Skype a Scientist: Mrs. Essens third grade class at Plantation Elementary School in Bakersfield, CA
Fall 2017 Skype a Scientist: Mrs. Bottino’s seventh grade students from Northeast Middle School in Bristol, CT
Fall 2017 Science on Tap “What? We have fungi in our guts?”
Fall 2016 Invited Panelist at UAlbany “Intersectionality and the Academic Job Market”
Summer 2016 Wadsworth Center Mini Symposium "The Role of Langerin DCs in Mucosal Immunity"
Summer 2016 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) "Career Pipelines and Networks: Bridges to Success"
Spring 2016 5th Annual Mount Sinai PREP Retreat "Career Pipelines and Networks: Bridges to Success"
Fall 2015 Biomedical Science Retreat "Immune Surveillance by the Intestinal Mucosa"
Fall 2015 Upstate Immunology Conference "The Role of Langerin DCs in Mucosal Immunity"