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Current Projects

  • MCB-1614178 Derbyshire, Gray (co-PIs)                                                                   

    • NSF

    • Distributive conjugal transfer: a new paradigm and benchmark for bacterial horizontal gene transfer

    • The goal of this work is to characterize the process of distributive conjugal transfer and its prevalence in mycobacterial species.

  • R01 AI097191-01A1 Derbyshire, Fortune, Gray, Hatfull, Rubin, Wade (co-PIs)     


    • A community Mycobacterial Systems Resource

    • The goals of this project are to create a physical, bioinformatic and phenotypic resource for the mycobacterial community based on the model organism M. smegmatis.

  • Wadsworth Center Internal Award.  Agrawal, Derbyshire, Gray, Wade (co-PIs)      

    • Structure-Function of the Leaderless Ribosome

    • The major goal of this project is to determine a 3D-structure of the mycobacterial ribosome by Cryo-Electron microscopy.

  • R21 AI119427-01 Derbyshire, Gray, Wade (co-PIs)                           


    • Characterization of the Abundant Small Proteome of Mycobacteria          

    • The goal of this research proposal is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the small proteome of mycobacteria and provide insight into the biological roles of small proteins

Completed Projects

  • R21AI117158-01 Derbyshire, Gray, Wade (co-PIs)             

    • Empirically Defining Gene Architecture and Expression of M. tuberculosis

    • The goal of this research proposal was to provide a comprehensive, genome-scale analysis of transcription (RNA) and translation (protein) in M. tuberculosis

  • R21 AI107258-01 Derbyshire/Gray (co-PI)                                                               

    • Genome-scale Discovery of Mycobacterial Gene Function by Synthetic Genetic Arrays

    • The major goal of this project was to develop a high-throughput synthetic genetic assay for mycobacteria