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Michael J. Palumbo, B.S.

Michael J. Palumbo, B.S.

Director of the Bioinformatics and Statistics Core
B.S., SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, NY (1980)

Research Interests

The Bioinformatics Core assists core users in applying a variety of bioinformatics methods to their research needs. The application of next generation sequencing (NGS) methods to research and public health service programs has become the primary focus of the core given the increased application of NGS experiments to biological research. In the ever-expanding universe of bioinformatics tools, scientists working in the core are adept at discovering and using the best tools available for each research project. When a specific software tool does not exist for a particular project, the core may be capable of developing the necessary tools.

Finding the best solution for a research project typically involves selecting a series of bioinformatics application programs and connecting them by writing custom scripts in between. Accomplishing this in a computationally efficient manner is of particular interest to core scientists.


Select Publications

Paul E, Tirosh I, Lai W, Buck MJ, Palumbo MJ, Morse RH.
Chromatin mediation of a transcriptional memory effect in yeast.
G3 (Bethesda).
Palumbo MJ, Newberg LA.
Phyloscan: locating transcription-regulating binding sites in mixed aligned and unaligned sequence data.
Nucleic Acids Research.
38 Suppl
Thompson W, Palumbo MJ, Wasserman WW, Liu JS, Lawrence CE.
Decoding human regulatory circuits.
Genome Res.
Wasserman WW, Palumbo M, Thompson W, Fickett JW, Lawrence CE.
Human-mouse genome comparisons to locate regulatory sites.
Nat Genet.