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Samuel S. Bowser, Ph.D.

  • Samuel S. Bowser

    Samuel S. Bowser, Ph.D.

    • Cellular and Molecular Basis of Diseases - Cell Structure and Function

    • Ph.D., The University at Albany, State University of New York (1984)
    • Postdoctoral training: New York State Department of Health, Wadsworth Center
    • Postdoctoral training: Scripps Institution of Oceanography, CA

Research Interests

My laboratory studies aspects of cell structure and function using modern microscopic, biochemical, and molecular approaches.

Recent interests include:

  • Cell motility, especially interactions between the plasma membrane and microtubules.
  • The biology of foraminiferan protozoa, especially test morphogenesis and bioadhesives in agglutinated species.
  • The early evolution of eukaryotes and the biodiversity/distribution of modern representatives.

Recent Advances Include:

  • Demonstration of remarkable selective properties and the secretion of novel bioadhesives in the agglutinated foraminiferan Astrammina rara. During shell (test) morphogenesis, Astrammina's network of branching and anastomosing pseudopodia display a remarkable repertoire of activities, including the collection of specific grains from the sediment, secretion of bioadhesives in the proper amount and location, and through coordinated movements, the sculpting of the architecturally-elegant test.
  • Molecular characterization of early-evolving Rhizaria (foraminifera and Gromia) and identification of their symbiotic associations.

These findings are leading to a refined view of symbiogenesis and the evolution of pathogenic eukaryotes.

Select Publications

Bassen DM, Hou Y, Bowser SS, Banavali NK.
Maintenance of electrostatic stabilization in altered tubulin lateral contacts may facilitate formation of helical filaments in foraminifera.
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Hou Y, Sierra R, Bassen D, Banavali N, Habura A, Pawlowski J, and Bowser SS.
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Adl SM, Simpson AGB, Lane CE, Lukes J, Bass D, Bowser SS, Brown MW, Burki F, Dunthorn M, Hampl V, Heiss A, Hoppenrath M, Lara E, le Gall L, Lynn DH, McManus H, Mitchell EAD, Mozley-Stanridge SE, Parfrey LW, Pawlowski J, Rueckert S, Shadwick L, Schoch CL, Smirnov A and Spiegel FW.
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