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Zhimin (Tim) Cao, Ph.D.

  • Zhimin (Tim) Cao

    Zhimin (Tim) Cao, Ph.D.

    • Clinical Chemistry and Endocrinology
    • Faculty Member, Wadsworth School of Laboratory Sciences

    • Ph.D., University of Manitoba School of Medicine, Winnipeg, Canada
    • Postdoctoral training: University of Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville, KY

Research Interests

Correct diagnosis and patient care are dependent upon accurate test results. One of my research goals is to develop liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry based methods which are more accurate than those currently available for the analysis of vitamins and hormones, including steroid hormones. These methods can be used for diagnostics and as biomarkers of pathological and psychological disorders.

Additionally, my research interests also extend to the use of non-invasive and easily accessible body fluids, such as saliva, for the assessment of pathological and physical conditions of the human body and to identify new biomarkers of neuro-degenerative disorders, such as MS. My other research interests include identification of gene mutations and protein expression.

Select Publications

Huang X, Spink DC, Schneider E, Ling H, Rai AJ, Rosano TG, Chen B, Cao ZT.
Measurement of unconjugated estriol in serum by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry and assessment of the accuracy of chemiluminescent immunoassays.
Clinical Chemistry.
Cao ZT, Rej R.
Are laboratories reporting serum quantitative hCG results correctly?.
Clinical Chemistry.
Cao Z, Swift TA, West CA, Rosano TG, Rej R.
Immunoassay of estradiol: unanticipated suppression by unconjugated estriol.
Clinical Chemistry.
Cao Z, Petroulakis E, Salo T, Triggs-Raine B.
Benign HEXA mutations, C739T(R247W) and C745T(R249W), cause beta-hexosaminidase A pseudodeficiency by reducing the alpha-subunit protein levels.
Journal of Biological Chemistry.