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REU Program at Wadsworth Center

The Wadsworth Center participates in summer research experiences for undergraduates. Students are selected from colleges across the country to work for 10 weeks (from June 9 through August 15, 2014) on independent research projects with scientists.


The focus of the 2014 Wadsworth Center’s summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) is “Networking Basic Research for Biological Discovery”. The primary objective of this program is to provide cutting-edge research experiences by networking undergraduate students with each other and with their mentors to gain insight into how modern scientific research is conducted.

Students can choose either a traditional, single-mentored research project, or a networked project (Figure 1). In these projects, two students are networked together with one or two mentors to tackle a common research problem. The diverse range of projects covers molecular genetics, cell biology, computational and structural biology, as well as the environmental sciences. All of these are pursued within a close-knit environment that will provide an uniquely enriching research training opportunity for undergraduates. The strength of this program is delineated by robust external research funding and the intellectual achievements and peer-reviewed publications of REU students and mentors.

Figure 1: Visual Representation of 2014 Networked Mentors and Collaborators

2014 Research Projects and Mentors:

Most Memorable Moments of 2011-2013 REU Students

“This summer I not only experienced and enjoyed science first hand, but I also had an extraordinary time meeting excellent scientists and mentors. I loved the fact that everyday there was something to learn and wonder about!”
- Francy, SUNY-New Paltz, NY (Freshman, 2011).

“Wadsworth gave me the opportunity to experience real science. I learned a lot from my mentors, and obtained many experiences. I also met many interesting scientists. I never thought this could be possible because I was a freshman in college. I did not know how difficult science really is, but I also learned that it only takes faith, perseverance and a little imagination to do it.”
- Héctor, Univ Metropolitana, San Juan, PR (Freshman, 2012).

 “The best part of the REU internship experience was discussing and constructing a flow chart diagram that allowed my lab partner and me to see all that we had accomplished in ten weeks time.”
 -  Amanda, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA (Sophomore, 2011).

“The Wadsworth REU program provided me with a unique look at non-academic research. I have learned more than I could have ever imagined in such a short time and have had a wonderful time doing it. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.”
- Yudi, SUNY - Binghamton, NY (Sophomore, 2012).

“The Student Symposium was my most memorable moment; presenting my research work to other scientists had always been an item on my bucket list so, standing up there and giving a talk was undoubtedly the highlight of my summer research experience.  Also, the time I spent learning about some of the intricate yet exciting concepts in computational structural biology and drug design made this experience unforgettable. “
– Libère, Ohlone College, Fremont CA (Sophomore, 2013).

“Only a couple weeks into the program, a senior Wadsworth researcher was retiring and a party was held in his honor at Thacher State Park. Much to my surprise, the REU students were not only invited, but encouraged to attend. It was the first time that I saw how much we were regarded as much more than just temporary summer interns. The people of Wadsworth welcomed us as new members of their family and treated us with the same warm attitude that they would have any new researchers. It was a sign of the utmost respect and professionalism.”
– Justin, SUNY-Geneseo (Sophomore, 2013).

“The thing I loved the most about my time in the REU program this summer was being around individuals my age, who shared my passion for science and learning. I've made memories I'll cherish forever, with friends that I'll never forget.”
- Olivia, College of  St. Rose, Albany, NY (Junior, 2012).

Graduate Careers of 2010 – 2013 REU Students

PhD Program
Stephen2011SUNY-CobbleskillSUNY-AlbanyNanoscience Engineering3
Elizabeth 2011Sage Coll., Troy SUNY-AlbanyBioMedical Sciences 3
Claire2011SUNY-CobbleskillPenn State. Biochem, Micro., Mol. Biol.3
Daniel2011 William & Mary Harvard Applied Physics2
Kylia2012Berry Coll., GAYale Univ. Biology2
Patricia 2012 Skidmore College Columbia Pathobiology/Molecular Med 1
Jared2012SUNY-Albany SUNY-Albany Physics 1
David2013Dutchess Comm. Cornell Univ. Biomedical Engineering1
Samuel2013Iowa State, AmesU. WisconsinBiochemistry 1
Amanda2013 Gettysburg Coll. Univ. MN-Mayo Immunology 1
Olivia2013St. Rose, AlbanyAlbany Med. Biology1


Goldwater Scholars (2012)
David BassenSUNY-Binghamton, NY
Samuel CondonIowa State, Ames, IA

Poster Presentations

Research Meeting
Cara2011 St. Mary's College Council for Undergraduate Research (CUR) Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) meeting, VA
Karen 2013U. West Florida CUR REU Meeting, Arlington, VA
Anna2012 Skidmore Undergraduate Research Day (URD), U. Rochester, NY
Tanner2012Rose-Hulman URD, Rochester, NY
Justin2013 SUNY-Geneseo URD, Rochester, NY
Hector2012 U. Puerto RicoAnnual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS); Best poster
Alex2013U. NebraskaABRCMS, Nashville, TN, November
Karen 2013 U. West FloridaABRCMS, Nashville, TN, November


Highlights of the 2013 REU Program

Highlights of this year’s activities included a seminar given by a former REU student at Penn. State Univ.; an Ethics seminar given by a Professor of Education at U. Arkansas – Fayetteville; a seminar by a Wadsworth faculty member who discussed how drinking coffee and smoking affect the risk for Parkinson’s Disease; and a fascinating seminar on Brain Computer Interfaces.

Student Research Presentations

Application Process

  1. Ensure Eligibility

    Applicants are sought who are undergraduates majoring in a basic, environmental, or natural science (biology, chemistry, computational modeling, engineering, genetics, mathematics), who will have completed their first, second or third year of study by the summer, and who are interested in attending graduate school with the goal of pursuing a career in science. Students graduating May 2014 are not eligible. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. If you meet these eligibility criteria, we encourage you to apply to the program.

  2. Submit Online Application

    Applications are now being accepted. The On-line REU 2014 Application Form (available here) must be completed by 5:00 p.m. EST Friday, March 7th, 2014.

  3. Send the following materials to  (Preferred)

    1. a CV or resumé,
    2. all official college transcripts,
    3. two letters of recommendation from faculty members (or other professional persons), and
    4. a one-page personal essay stating why you are motivated to seek a career in the sciences, including your field(s) of interest, and why you wish to participate in the Wadsworth Center's REU program. The resumé and personal essay should be submitted together as a single pdf (or word) file and clearly labeled with your name as follows: Last name plus two initials eg. XanaduRQ.pdf.
      Recommendations should be submitted directly to by faculty or other professionals and labeled similarly eg. XanaduRQRec.pdf. Applications are encouraged from students attending colleges with limited research opportunities and from students who are members of groups underrepresented in the sciences, such as women, ethnic minorities, veterans, the physically challenged, and/or those who are first in their family to attend college.

    Alternatively, hardcopies of these materials may be sent to:

    REU Program Coordinator,
    Wadsworth Center, Room E-260,
    Empire State Plaza, Box 509,
    Albany, NY 12201-0509,
    Phone: (518) 473-6961

  4. Add any additional personal information

    Applications are encouraged from students attending colleges with limited research opportunities and from students who are members of groups underrepresented in the sciences, such as women, ethnic minorities, veterans, the physically challenged, and/or those who are the first in their family to attend college.
    Please provide us with other pertinent information by submitting online the Student Information Form (available here).

  5. Upon acceptance, students will receive a stipend of $5,000, plus paid on-campus housing, and roundtrip travel to and from Albany.

More information about Albany, New York

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  2. The Albany Region