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Environmental Laboratory Approval Program

The Environmental Laboratory Approval Program (ELAP) of the Wadsworth Center was established in 1984, under Section 502 of the Public Health Law and is responsible for the certification of laboratories performing environmental analyses on samples originating from New York State, thus ensuring the accuracy and reliability of these analyses. Accurate and reliable environmental analyses are a matter of vital concern, affecting the public health, safety and welfare of all NYS residents. All environmental laboratories analyzing samples from the State of New York must be certified.

Certification Manual

Application Forms and Related Information

ELAP currently grants certification to commercial, facility self-monitoring and government operated environmental laboratories, in categories covering Public potable (drinking) water, Non-potable water, Solid/hazardous Waste and ambient Air and Emissions. To become certified a laboratory must be directed by an individual who is qualified through education and experience, perform satisfactorily in at least semi-annual proficiency testing and an biennial on-site inspection. Certified laboratories are required to use state-approved analytical methods and adhere to a program of mandated quality assurance/quality control procedures.

The following lists of ELAP certified laboratories by field of analysis are posted:

Also posted are lists of ELAP certified commercial and noncommercial laboratories. The laboratories are organized alphabetically by county in New York state, then by states other than New York, and finally by foreign countries. The lists only give an indication of each laboratory's level of accreditation (partial scope) as it pertains to an approval category. The data used to generate these lists is available in XML format here.

Consumers are advised to review a selected laboratory's Certificates of Approval (full scope) which are posted at the facility on watermarked paper to determine if the laboratory is appropriately approved. The period of approval lasts one year (April 1 through March 31). A new Certificate of Approval is issued on April 1 of each calendar year. Also, you may contact ELAP by phone at (518) 485-5570 or by e-mail at to receive and/or verify a laboratory's full scope of accreditation (based on category-analyte-method).