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Bruce J. herron

Bruce J. Herron

Research Scientist, Wadsworth Center, Molecular Toxicology
Assistant Professor, School of Public Health, Biomedical Sciences and Environmental Health Sciences

Ph.D., SUNY Albany, School of Public Health
Postdoctoral training Harvard Medical School; Brigham and Woman's Hospital


Research Interests

Our lab is focused on developing better models of human disease through the utilization of genetically targeted mouse mutations and inbred mouse strains. We use a combination of mouse genetics and developmental biology to elucidate gene function in an in-vivo context. Much of our work to date has had an emphasis on epidermal biology and skin development. In particular, we have recently discovered a mutation in a 14-3-3 protein known as Stratifin that causes severe recessive skin phenotype in mice as well as cancer susceptibility in the heterozygous state. Stratifin is repressed in many human cancers for unknown reasons. We are exploiting genomics technologies to define the molecular basis for this phenotype.

Other work in the lab is focused on finding novel complex traits in mice that can be used to define gene-environment interactions. For example, we have developed a novel assay to assess neoangiogenesis in mice. Using this approach we have discovered significant differences between inbred mouse strains ability to produce new blood vessels in response to Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor. We are now mapping the differences to specific genetic locations so we can find the genes that control this novel complex quantitative trait.

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Contact Information

Phone: (518) 474-8195