The Environmental Health Laboratories play a variety of vital emergency response roles:

  • As a Level 1 Laboratory in the Laboratory Response Network for Chemical Threats (LRN-C), we provide surge-capacity testing to the CDC, detecting many toxic chemicals including mustard and nerve agents.
    • Contact Information: Phone (518) 474-7161
  • The Environmental Health Laboratories participate in the Environmental Response Laboratory Network (ERLN), providing the Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Emergency Management with large scale environmental response to biological, chemical and radiological threats.
  • As a member laboratory of the Food Emergency Response Network (FERN RAD), Wadsworth Center’s Environmental Health Program ensures the safety of the nation’s food supply by testing for the presence of radiation.
  • The Nuclear Chemistry Laboratory is an important partner with the Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection (BERP). As such, during a radiological event the Laboratory provides analytical support through measurements of samples, including milk, soil, air, and vegetation samples, that are collected by trained DOH staff. The Laboratory conducts regular drills to maintain and improve proficiency, as well as train new personnel in accident response procedures.