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Proficiency Testing

New York State Department of Health's Wadsworth Center is an American Association of Laboratory Accreditation accredited Proficiency Test (PT) provider for the design, preparation, and operation of PT schemes that meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17043, ISO/IEC 17025,  and The NELAC Institute (TNI) Volume 3: General Requirements for Environmental Proficiency Test Providers.

The Environmental Proficiency Testing and Validation Unit (EPTAVU) is a collaborative group of laboratories, within the New York State Department of Health, Wadsworth Center, Division of Environmental Health Sciences, that produce and validate PT samples designed in accordance with the above mentioned standards.  ELAP offers the PT samples produced by the EPTAVU program as part of their regulatory program for laboratory accreditation.

PT Studies are conducted for Potable Water Chemistry and Radiochemistry (41 sample types comprising 165 contaminants), Nonpotable Water & Solid and Chemical Materials Chemistry (37 water sample types, 20 soil sample types comprising 232 contaminants), Water Bacteriology (7 sample types comprising 6 contaminants), Asbestos and Fibers by Light Microscopy (friable bulk materials and fibers in air filters) and Asbestos by Electron Microscopy (Water, Air, and Non-friable organic bound materials).  The full scope by field of accreditation is posted in ELAP Certification Manual Item No. 316: Air and Emissions, Bacteriology, Non-Potable Water, Potable Water, Solid Waste. Each study type is conducted twice per year at six month intervals.  The current schedule is posted in the ELAP Certification Manual Item No. 310.

Summary Statistics 

Asbestos Electron Microscopy 386 391 396
Asbestos Light Microscopy 384 389 394
​Chemistry Water & Soil 385 390 395
Chemistry Potable Water 387 392 397
Radiochemistry Potable Water 387R 392R 397R
Water Bacteriology 388 393 398