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Annual Reapplication Period Open
Annual Reapplication Period for Clinical Laboratory Permits Opens April 2, 2018
The annual reapplication period for clinical laboratory permits opens April 2, 2018. Completion of the reapplication process is required by April 20, 2018 at 5pm EDT.  Please review the Permit Reapplication Instructions for full details.  Several... read more
Dr. Joachim Frank, Nobel Laureate, returns to the Capital Region
Dr. Joachim Frank, Nobel Laureate, Returns to the Capital Region
After receiving the Nobel Prize in Chemistry this fall, Dr. Joachim Frank recently returned, engaging local scientists. Watch the video of Dr. Frank's presentation.   Read the Times Union article about the event.
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The randomness of breakthroughs
Times Union article about Dr. Joachim Frank, Nobel laureate and former Wadsworth Center research scientist.

Master of Science in Laboratory Sciences

Flame sterilization of an inoculation loop
The Master of Science in Laboratory Sciences program provides quality education and interdisciplinary training in various areas of laboratory science with specific emphasis on the activities of a public health laboratory.