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Adult female deer tick
Wadsworth Center Laboratory and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Aim to Improve Diagnosis of Lyme Disease and Develop New Treatments
Governor Cuomo Announces New Public-Private Research Collaboration to Advance Diagnosis and Treatment of Tick-Borne Diseases
Mosquito after feeding.
$10 million CDC grant establishes the Northeast Center for Excellence in Vector-borne Diseases (NEVBD)
Why  A just-released CDC report concluded that disease caused by tick, mosquito and flea bites more than tripled in the US between 2004 and 2016, and that 9 new diseases were either discovered or detected here for the first time during that same period.... read more
Dr. Joachim Frank, Nobel Laureate, returns to the Capital Region
Dr. Joachim Frank, Nobel Laureate, Returns to the Capital Region
After receiving the Nobel Prize in Chemistry this fall, Dr. Joachim Frank recently returned, engaging local scientists. Watch the video of Dr. Frank's presentation.   Read the Times Union article about the event.

Master of Science in Laboratory Sciences

Flame sterilization of an inoculation loop
The Master of Science in Laboratory Sciences program provides quality education and interdisciplinary training in various areas of laboratory science with specific emphasis on the activities of a public health laboratory.