Students and non-students 16 years of age and older may be considered for an unpaid volunteer position in the laboratory any time of year.

Consult the Senior Staff and Research Areas pages to identify a specific scientist whose research is of primary interest to you.

Fill out this application form and submit with your resumé to wcvolunteer@health.ny.gov.

The Wadsworth Center is located in Albany, NY. Volunteers outside the Capital District may wish to request a remote project; however, such projects are limited.

If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to email wcvolunteer@health.ny.gov.

International volunteers

  • Go to our Senior Staff page to identify a researcher.
  • Contact the researcher to determine if they are accepting any volunteers
    • If the researcher is accepting volunteers for the time period in which you are interested (5 week minimum for J1 Visa), provide the researcher with your application form and resumé 
    • If after reviewing your education and experience the researcher agrees to have you in their lab, the researcher should notify human resources who will request the following from you:
      • Either B1 Visitor Status, J1 Visa or F1 Visa
        • NOTE: Wadsworth Center is not an educational institution and cannot sponsor F1 Visas. However, prospective volunteers who already hold an F1 Visa through another institution may apply.
      • Proof of Bachelor of Science degree
      • Proof of financial status to support yourself while in the United States