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Blood & Tissue Resources Program


More than 350 facilities are approved by the department to provide blood services. One and a quarter million blood components are prepared annually. Approximately 90% of the blood is collected at blood centers, with the remainder collected by approximately 23 hospitals and a small number of independent facilities.

Informational materials on blood services, including guidelines and recommendations, are developed and made available to the public and to regulated parties as appropriate. The Program monitors errors and accidents involving blood for transfusion.


More than 1,100 entities operate a tissue bank and/or nontransplant anatomic bank in New York State. The Blood and Tissue Resources Program oversees all human tissue banking activities and services provided in New York State, from donor solicitation to clinical use.

Regulations also include requirements for facilities that recover, process, store and/or distribute nontransplant anatomic parts for medical research or health professional education. More than 140 facilities are currently operating a nontransplant anatomic bank.


The Blood and Tissue Resources Program monitors the quality of immunohematology testing, including blood typing for such groups as ABO and Rh, and crossmatching. Facilities offering ABO group (excluding subgroups), D (Rho) typing, Unexpected antibody detection, Compatibility testing, or Antibody identification must enroll in appropriate proficiency testing with a CMS-approved proficiency testing provider.