Karolina AH Schabses

Karolina AH Schabses, MPH

Associate Director of Information Technology
MPH: Emory University
BS: Cornell University

Research Interests

Karolina Schabses serves as the Associate Director of Information Technology at the Wadsworth Center, providing overall vision, leadership and strategic planning in the direction, development and implementation of information technology.  For over 20 years, Ms. Schabses has worked for the state and federal government at the intersection of public health and information technology.  With a foundation as a research scientist in both epidemiology and health informatics, Ms. Schabses has extensive experience in data analytics, automation of processes, data parsing and validation, as well as the daily operations of critical public health reporting systems.  She most recently served as Director, Health Informatics with oversight of the Department of Health’s Universal Public Health Node for automated transmission of electronic health data through SOAP and REST webservices.  Supporting a multitude of public health data flows, the Universal Public Health Node serves as an essential public health data exchange platform for the New York State Department of Health.

Ms. Schabses collaborates with New York State Information Technology Services to build and support effective technology solutions for Wadsworth Center.