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Kurunthachalam Kannan, Ph.D.

Kurunthachalam Kannan, Ph.D.

Deputy Director of the Division of Environmental Health Sciences
Professor, School of Public Health, Environmental Health Sciences
(518) 474-0015
(518) 473-2895

Research Interests

Understanding environmental sources, pathways, distribution, dynamics and fate of chemical pollutants is crucial, if we are to devise solutions to current and future environmental problems.

Our research is focused on environmental and biomonitoring studies designed to determine the distribution, behavior, fate, and effects of organic contaminants.

Our interests include developing novel analytical methods to detect environmental contaminants, examining bioaccumulation, food-chain transfer, human and wildlife exposure assessment, and developing biomarkers of exposures. Our research also involves the use of wildlife sentinels to study the effects of contaminants on the health of ecosystems.

Our current studies include biomonitoring of chlorinated, brominated and fluorinated organic compounds, phenolic endocrine disruptors, and other emerging environmental contaminants for characterizing human and wildlife exposure pathways, and to allow evaluation of sources, pathways and risks.

We are also developing techniques to identify and quantify novel organic pollutants (in indoor air, water, foodstuffs and biological tissues) that are of concern. Our laboratory is also involved in studies relating contaminant exposures to health outcomes and effect biomarkers in the general population.

Select Publications

Zhu H, Kannan K.
Inter-day and inter-individual variability in urinary concentrations of melamine and cyanuric acid.
Environ Int.
Martinez-Moral MP, Kannan K.
How stable is oxidative stress level? An observational study of intra- and inter-individual variability in urinary oxidative stress biomarkers of DNA, proteins, and lipids in healthy individuals.
Environ Int.
Wang Y, Li W, Martínez-Moral MP, Sun H, Kannan K.
Metabolites of organophosphate esters in urine from the United States: Concentrations, temporal variability, and exposure assessment.
Environ Int.
Karthikraj, R. and Kannan, K.
Widespread occurrence of glyphosate in urine from pet dogs and cats in New York State, USA.
Science of the Total Environment.
Kim UJ, Kannan K.
Method for the Determination of Iodide in Dried Blood Spots from Newborns by High Performance Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry.
Anal Chem.
Rocha BA, Asimakopoulos AG, Honda M, da Costa NL, Barbosa RM, Barbosa F Jr, Kannan K.
Advanced data mining approaches in the assessment of urinary concentrations of bisphenols, chlorophenols, parabens and benzophenones in Brazilian children and their association to DNA damage.
Environ Int.