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Help and Frequently Asked Questions

When requesting tests electronically...

Request tests electronically whenever possible Send leaky specimens
Include collection date, patient's name, date of birth and New York State county of residence Send two specimens with different collection dates on the same Infectious Diseases Requisition (IDR)
Search for test names in the test catalog Write test name in notes
Call for prior test approval when indicated Send specimen without a paper IDR or Electronic Test Request Form
Contact laboratories with questions Send inappropriately packaged specimens

Frequently Asked Questions


Specimen Submission

What is a remote order entry (ROE)?

The remote order entry is a method of electronically requesting tests at the Wadsworth Center Division of Infectious Diseases Laboratories. 

Does requesting tests electronically require me to download anything?

No, electronic test requests are created and submitted using any internet browser through the Health Commerce System. 

What technology will I need to complete an electronic test request?

Internet access and a web browser with access to the Health Commerce System 

Is requesting tests electronically required?

Requesting tests electronically is not currently required, but highly recommended for faster turnaround of results. 

How will signing up for electronic test requests entry benefit me?

Signing up for electronic test requests will allow you to safely and securely submit patient and testing information and help you to receive results sooner. 

How do I automatically import the Electronic Clinical Laboratory Reporting System (ECLRS) information through electronic test requests?

After selecting the type of specimen, enter the ECLRS accession number into the blank as shown below. Complete instructions are provided.

On the submitter tab, complete the required fields, indicated with an asterisk ‘*’.

What if I cannot find the test I’m looking for when I send an electronic test request?

If you cannot find the test you’re looking for, please contact the Wadsworth Center at (518) 474-8660 or for further instructions on how to request the test. 

If I request a test electronically, do I still need to complete the Infectious Diseases Requisition?

No, simply print the electronic test request form. After you press place this order there will be a prompt to print the document.

Select ‘Place This Order’, and print the electronic request form to submit with the specimen.

Why can’t I order a test electronically from the test catalog?

The test catalog on the public website is for information purposes only. Test ordering is only available via the HCS application.

Can anyone at my organization access the reports?

No, only employees with permission granted can access the reports. 

Can I download my electronic reports?

Yes, you can download your reports with the option to be organized by: county, Wadsworth accession ID, patient name, lab, report date, received date, collection date, and facility.  

Can I print my electronic reports?

Yes, you can print reports with the option to be organized by: county, Wadsworth accession ID, patient name, lab, report date, received date, collection date, and facility.  

What technology will I need to receive an electronic report?

Internet access and a web browser with access to the Health Commerce System.

How do I access electronic specimen reports?
  1. Request or sign on to a Health Commerce System (HCS) account.
  2. Gain access to the CLIMS application through the HCS account.
  3. Launch the CLIMS application and select “specimen reports” from the top of the list.

For additional information regarding access to electronic specimen reports go to Request Tests.

What types of specimen reports can be sent electronically?

All Division of Infectious Diseases reports are currently available electronically.

What is a Wadsworth Electronic Specimen Report?

A paperless system that securely allows users to view and print the results from Wadsworth Center Laboratories, through the New York State Health Commerce System (HCS).

Can Wadsworth fax the reports to the submitter?

No, the reports will be sent electronically.

What is Health Commerce System (HCS)?

The Health Commerce System (HCS) is a secure website that allows for web-based communication with the New York State Department of Health. Every user accessing the Health Commerce System must have their own account.

What is the Wadsworth Center Laboratory Information Management System (CLIMS)?

CLIMS is a specimen tracking and reporting system used by the NYSDOH Wadsworth Center, Division of Infectious Diseases Laboratories.

What if my organization does not have HCS?

If your organization does not have a Health Commerce System account, please access the Health Commerce System to learn more about creating an account.

Can I grant access to specific employees?

Yes, the Health Commerce System (HCS) Coordinator for your facility can grant access to any employee with an HCS account.  You can allow employees to send remote orders, review reports or both.