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Research & Development

Funded research projects

  • HIV Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) Demonstration Project: The goal of this project is to study the feasibility and effectiveness of utilizing designated public health reference laboratories to provide HIV-1 RNA testing for other public health laboratories when needed to complete the CDC’s recommended HIV diagnostic testing algorithm. Sponsored by: Association for Public Health Laboratories, 8/1/12 to Present
  • Development of Next Generation Sequencing Methods for Hepatitis C Virus: The goal of this project is to develop next generation sequencing (NGS) and data analysis methods for hepatitis C virus (HCV) to provide more robust tools for tracking HCV transmission during outbreak investigations and in the surveillance setting. Sponsored by: Wadsworth Center/Health Research Inc., 1/1/14 to Present

Current assay development projects

  • Development of HIV-2 Nucleic Acid Testing using Droplet Digital PCR: The goal of this project is to use droplet digital PCR technology to develop and validate assays to detect and quantify HIV-2 RNA and DNA from clinical specimens.
  • Development of an HIV-2 drug resistance test: The goal of this project is to develop a sequence-based HIV-2 genotype test to identify antiretroviral drug resistance mutations to help monitor HIV-2 infected patients. 

Bloodborne Viruses

  • Wesolowski LG, Wroblewski K, Bennett SB, Parker MM, Hagan C, Ethridge SF, Rhodes J, Sullivan TJ, Ignacio-Hernando I, Werner BG, Owen SM. Nucleic acid testing by public health referral laboratories for public health laboratories using the U.S. HIV diagnostic testing algorithm. Clinical Virology. 2015;(65):6-10.
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  • Styer LM, Miller TT, Parker MM. Validation and clinical use of a sensitive HIV-2 viral load assay that uses a whole virus internal control. Journal of Clinical Virology. 2013;58(suppl 1):E127-E133.
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  • Sullivan TJ, Antonio-Gaddy MS, Richardson-Moore A, Styer LM, Bigelow-Saulsbery D, Parker MM. Expansion of HIV screening to non-clinical venues is aided by the use of dried blood spots for Western blot confirmation. Clinical Virology. 2013;(58):123-126.
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  • Goldsamt LA, Clatts MC, Parker MM, Colon V, Hallack R, Messina MG. Prevalence of Sexually Acquired Antiretroviral Drug Resistance in a Community Sample of HIV-Positive Men Who Have Sex with Men in New York City. AIDS Patient Care & Stds. 2011;25(5):287-293.
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  • Styer LM, Sullivan TJ, Parker MM. Evaluation of an alternative supplemental testing strategy for HIV diagnosis by retrospective analysis of clinical HIV testing data. Journal of Clinical Virology. 2011;52(Suppl 1):S35-S40.
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