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Health Commerce System


Health Commerce System

The Health Commerce System (HCS) is the secure website for web-based interactions with the New York State Department of Health which includes eCLEP and the Electronic Proficiency Testing Reporting System (EPTRS). Every individual accessing the Health Commerce System must have their own HCS account. Sharing of an account user id and password is a violation of the security user agreement, which will result in a termination of your HCS account privileges and possible prosecution if data security is compromised because of the violation.

NOTE: all changes in directorship must be made through eCLEP. A request to change the director role for the laboratory affiliation record using the HCS Coordinator Tools function does not constitute official notification. 

Access to eCLEP

After an HCS account has been obtained, HCS Coordinators and other users must also request access to eCLEP.   Please see Accessing eCLEP below.

eCLEP is the application tool for laboratories to submit changes to the laboratory's operations as well as the laboratory permit reapplication and designation of required proficiency testing enrollment.

The Electronic Proficiency Testing Reporting System (EPTRS) can be used to access evaluation reports from the past 5 years for proficiency testing events offered by New York State prior to 2017.


Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program Policy:

Laboratory Directors are required to obtain an HCS account or affiliate their HCS ID if they have an existing HCS account for each Clinical Laboratory they direct as part of the requirements for a clinical laboratory permit.

Note: Do you already have an HCS Account? Contact the Commerce Accounts Management Unit (CAMU) at 1-866-529-1890 (option1) or to see if you already have an HCS Account.