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The Protection Against Legionella regulation requires that all Legionella culture analyses be performed by a laboratory approved by the New York State Environmental Laboratory Approval Program (ELAP) to perform such analyses.  

Certification for Legionella culture analysis is offered in the category of Non-Potable Water using International Standard Method 11731 Water quality-detection and enumeration of Legionella (ISO 11731). It is also offered for certification in Potable Water using the same method.

Application materials for these categories are provided.

Applicants are required to submit proficiency testing (PT) results for Non-Potable samples only from any TNI and ISO/IEC 17043:2010 accredited providers.  Applicants must demonstrate passing scores in at least two (2) of three (3) consecutive proficiency tests performed at least fifteen (15) days apart. 

An on-site assessment must be performed prior to certification being granted.

Questions on certification for Legionella culture analysis can be sent to


Frequently Asked Questions



Regulation addresses Potable water systems in residential health care facilities and hospitals. Does ELAP certify Legionella culture analysis in the category of Potable water?

Yes. Application materials for certification for Legionella culture analysis in the categories of Potable water and Non-Potable water are available.  

Does New York State offer proficiency testing for Legionella culture analysis?


Since New York State is not offering proficiency tests, where can I get Legionella proficiency tests for Potable and Non-Potable water?

Obtain tests from a provider accredited by a Proficiency Testing Provider Accreditor that meets the TNI and ISO/IEC 17043:2010 requirements, if there is a PT provider available.

Non-Potable water: we are aware of one PT provider for Legionella that meets the NELAC/TNI requirements.

  • This is Sigma-Aldrich RTC (phone: 307-742-5452). Our understanding is that they have a Quick turnaround PT available.

Potable water: we are not aware of a PT provider for Legionella that meets the NELAC/TNI requirements for potable water.

  • Therefore, laboratories seeking certification for Legionella culture analysis in the category of Potable water will not need to submit PT data.
  • Laboratories can meet the PT requirement for certification of Legionella in Potable water by submitting demonstration of capability data. 

Do CDC ELITE program proficiency tests fulfill ELAP PT requirement for Non-Potable water?

No. The CDC ELITE program PT does not meet the NELAC/TNI requirements.