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Manufacturers - Alternative Technologies to Treat Regulated Medical Waste

Manufacturers seeking approval for alternative treatment technologies are required to obtain approval prior to using the technology in the field. 

The Evaluation Process for the Approval of Alternative Regulated Medical Waste Treatment Systems outlines the necessary steps to obtain approval as an alternative technology in New York State.

The Guidelines for Approval of Alternative Regulated Medical Waste Treatment Technologies are designed to assist in the preparation of the packages that will be submitted for review and should be used in conjunction with Public Health Law Section 1389-bb through 1389-ff and 10NYCRR Part 70-4 and 70-5.

Once the technology is approved, the manufacturers of the technology must confirm, that operational parameters, validation testing, and bookkeeping requirements are completed prior to start-up of an approved alternative treatment system within any New York State Department of Health regulated facility.

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The list of Approved Alternative Technologies is provided.