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Current Research Projects

The focus of the 2019 Wadsworth Center program is “Networked Projects in Cell and Molecular Biology”. The primary objective of this program is to provide cutting-edge research experiences by networking undergraduate students with each other and with their mentors to gain insight into how modern scientific research is conducted. In networked projects, students work singly or in pairs under the mentorship of one or two mentors to tackle a common research problem. Projects with networked mentors are indicated in the descriptions, projects that network students will be determined prior to the program start. The diverse range of projects covers molecular genetics, cell biology, computational and structural biology. All of these are pursued within a close-knit environment that will provide a uniquely enriching research training opportunity for undergraduates. The strength of this program is delineated by robust external research funding and the intellectual achievements and peer-reviewed publications of REU students and mentors.

2019 REU Research Projects and Mentors