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Laboratory Fees

Permit and Reference Fees

Information is collected on the gross annual receipts (GAR) for all laboratories each year as part of the annual reapplication process. Laboratories are mailed GAR reporting forms in April.

For laboratories located in New York State, the reported GAR must include revenue for all specimens tested, regardless of the state of origin.

For laboratories located outside New York State, the reported GAR should reflect annual revenue obtained from testing of specimens collected in New York.

Fees are calculated based on the previous year's Program operating expenses. Invoices for these fees are sent in June. Partial payments may be made on or before June 30th, September 30th, December 31st and March 10th of the fiscal year to which billing relates.

The actual fee assessed for each laboratory is calculated by multiplying the total operating expenses of the Program by a fraction, the numerator of which is the gross annual receipts of the laboratory and the denominator of which is the total gross annual receipts of all laboratories issued permits.

Travel-Related Fees

New York State Public Health Law requires that out-of-state laboratories seeking or reapplying for a clinical laboratory permit pay the travel expenses related to the on-site survey. Travel expenses are based on the number of surveyors involved in the survey, the number of days required for the survey, and the number of facilities surveyed. Laboratories are sent a bill for these expenses after the survey is completed. Survey expenses for in-state laboratories are included in the annual permit fees.