Membership Information

The HRSB is comprised of seventeen (17) voting members, three (3) non-voting regional members and three (3) non-voting ex-officio members.

12 Voting Members - Scientists

NameAppointing AuthorityCounty
Douglas S. Conklin, Ph.D.
Annette T. Lee, Ph.D.
Vice Chairperson
James L. Speyer, M.D.Assembly Minority LeaderManhattan
Adrian R. Krainer, Ph.D.GovernorSuffolk
Diana Lake, M.D.GovernorWestchester
Regina Resta, M.D.GovernorSaratoga
VacantSenate Minority LeaderVacant
VacantSpeaker of the AssemblyVacant
VacantSpeaker of the AssemblyVacant
VacantTemporary President of the SenateVacant
VacantTemporary President of the SenateVacant



2 Voting Members - Statewide Survivors

NameAppointing AuthorityCounty
Donald DistasioGovernorOnondaga
Beverly CaninGovernorDutchess



3 Voting Members - Regional Advocates

NameAppointing AuthorityCounty
Randa MaherTemporary President of the SenateLong Island
VacantSpeaker of the AssemblyNorthern



6 Non-voting Members 

3 Non-voting Members - Regional Advocates

NameAppointing AuthorityCounty
Jeanette Dippo, RN, M.S.Temporary President of the SenateCentral
VacantGovernorNew York City
VacantSpeaker of the AssemblyHudson Valley



3 Non-voting Members - Ex-Officio

NameAppointing AuthorityCounty
Richard Dickinson (DEC)Governor (May be designated by the Commission or DEC)Albany
Alana Buscher (DOH)Governor (May be designated by the Commissioner of Health)Albany
Vacant (Cornell University)Governor (May be designated by the Director of the Cornell University Institute for Comparative and Environmental Toxicology)Vacant

The members serve without compensation but are allowed the necessary and actual expenses incurred in the performance of their duties. Estimated expenses below are based on travel expenses between the member's home and the Empire State Plaza or Metropolitan Area Regional Office where board meetings are held.

Costs FY 2020-21: $0
Costs FY 2021-22: $0
Costs FY 2022-23: $0
Est. Costs FY 2023-24: $200

Process for Filling Vacancies

Vacancies resulting from a board member's resignation shall be filled with candidates who meet the requirements of the membership as provided for in Public Health Law Article 24, Title 1B, 2410-2413.
Candidates interested in the vacancy process can reach out to: