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Other DNA Services

DNA Extraction and Purification

DNA extraction is typically performed using the Qiagen Gentra Puregene kits.  Extraction is available for a variety of sample types, including mouse tail, cultured cells, tissue, and whole blood.  

For more information or to request services, please contact Melissa Leisner

DNA Quantitation

The Applied Genomic Technologies Core uses the Qubit Fluorometer, Nanodrop spectrophotometer, and Quant-it assay kits, to quantitate and assess the quality of the DNA, RNA and PCR product. 

RNA / DNA Quality Assessment

RNA and DNA quality is assessed using the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer. The bioanalyzer can also be used to determine size and quality of next generation sequencing library preparations. 

DNA Fragmentation

The Covaris M220 Focused-ultrasonicator is used to shear DNA for next generation sequencing applications that require high quality DNA fragmentation for library preparation.  Samples can be submitted to the core or users can receive training to process their own samples on the instrument. 

Samples may be submitted to the core for these individual services or they may be performed as part of another core service, such as next generation sequencing library preparation.

For more information or to request services, please contact core staff