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Laboratory Staff

Ghosh Laboratory

From left to right:

  • Kelley Hurst-Hess, Research Scientist - Kelley uses high throughput transcriptomic analysis to identify changes in gene expression upon antibiotic exposure. She then uses recombineering to delete genes of interest and ascribe a role for these genes in resistance to specific antibiotics.
  • Pallavi Ghosh, Ph.D. - Mycobacterial Stress Response
  • Paulami Rudra - Paulami studies the role of a ribosome associated protein in macrolide resistance. She also identified TetX that confers resistance to tetracycline in M. abscessus and is now identifying small molecules that can inhibit its function.

Not pictured: 

  • Yong Yang, Research Scientist - Yong studies the role of sigma factors and biofilm formation on the drug resistance of M. abscessus.