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Tissue Culture & Media

Tissue Culture

The Center maintains a repository of many hundreds of cell lines. Cell cultures are used for the propagation of viruses and expression of specialized biological products, such as hormones and other types of proteins. The Tissue Culture and Media core also assists in the preparation of certain types of proficiency test samples for other groups.


  • Cell culture; thawing, maintenance, expansion, as well as freezing and storage
  • Accommodations for a wide range of cells from mammalian and avian to arthropod and hybridoma lines
  • Cell harvest volumes from small scale (mL) to large scale (Liters)
  • Variety of culture vessels
  • Mycoplasma testing and eradication
  • Human cell line authentication
  • Preparation of specialized media and buffers
  • Large scale sterile filtration and vial dispensing of reagents


  • 3-Thermo Scientific Reach in CO2 Incubators, with capacity for 36 roller bottles
  • 1-Thermo Scientific Environmental Chamber
  • 2-Thermo Scientific Forma Steri-Cycle CO2 Incubators
  • Olympus IX71 inverted microscope equipped with DAPI and FITC filter sets
  • Thermo Scientific Cryo Plus Liquid Nitrogen storage; 36,000 sample capacity
  • MVE XLC-1110 Liquid Nitrogen storage; 25,000 sample capacity
  • 1-12x12 Walk in cold room for media storage
  • Clestra Cleanroom

Service Requests

Wadsworth Center Staff may request service by completing the Tissue Culture Media Request Form (fillable Adobe PDF). Tissue Culture Media (TCM) orders should be fully completed with the requested medium fully described. If medium is requested for the first time an exact formulation is required. Components or basal medium not available in TCM should be provided by the investigator. If the components will be routinely requested TCM can order and stock for future use. TCM orders should be placed at least one week in advance. Orders for cells should be fully completed with the cell line requested, amount required and vessel type. If an investigator is requesting a cell line that originated from the ATCC it can only be provided if the cells have been purchased by that investigator.  Cells ordered directly from a supplier can be delivered to the Core and expanded. Please allow one month to establish a master, seed and working stock. Cell orders should be made at least one week in advance for cells currently in culture, banked cells may require additional time to re-establish.


The Media Core makes standard and customized microbiological media and other reagents used within the Wadsworth Center. Every effort is made to make media to American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) standards. Wadsworth Center Staff may request service by completing the Media Department Request Form (DOH-1439). Please contact  the Media Department for the four-part, carbon copy form. Forms that aren’t fully completed will be returned to the requestor. 

Every effort will be made to complete all requests received in a timely manner. However, in the event that we are unable to handle all orders within the time period requested, requests for services will be handled in the following order of priority:

  1. Public Health Emergencies
  2. Routine Public Health Work
  3. Proficiency Testing
  4. Research