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Biochemistry & Immunology

The Biochemistry and Immunology Core provides access to specialized methods, technical instrumentation and expertise. The core focuses on purification, analysis, characterization and physical measurements of a variety of substrates including amino acids and proteins in solution and live cells. The core staff help investigators design experiments, collect, analyze and interpret data.

The staff will also network and access additional support from:

  • Applications specialists
  • Service engineers
  • Internet user groups/forums
  • ABRF (Association for Biomolecular Resource Facility), NERDS (North East Regional ABRF)

Biochemistry instruments study and characterize biological molecules by means of:

  • Purification
  • Analysis
  • Physical properties
  • Biomolecular interactions

Immunology instruments assess:

  • Immunophenotype of cell types
  • Specific cell receptor(s)
  • Ligand binding
  • Expression of surface and intracellular antigens
  • Signal transduction events such as calcium flux
  • Cell cycle progression based on analysis of DNA and RNA
  • Apoptosis

To request service for Biochemistry Instrumentation, please contact Leslie Eisele.

For Immunology Instrumentation, please contact Renjie Song.