New York State Public Health Law requires that all individuals employed as cytotechnologists at clinical laboratories applying for or holding a New York State permit be registered with the Department. New York State Education Law also requires that cytotechnologists be licensed.  More information regarding licensure is available at State Education Department, Office of the Professions or by calling (518) 474-3817.


How to Register

Changes to a Registration: For any CHANGES in registration status such as a change in name, home address, or employer:


Notice of Employment:  Laboratories are required to notify the Program via email to CLEP@HEALTH.NY.GOV when a cytotechnologist is hired, resigns, or is otherwise separated from the laboratory. Laboratories are also responsible for ensuring that the cytotechnologist submits the appropriate the registration within one week of the hiring date for new employees.

Workload: New York State Public Health Law, Article 5, Title V, and Subpart 58-1 of Title 10 of the New York State Codes, Rules and Regulations (10 NYCRR) establish a workload limit for the examination of cytology slides by cytotechnologists and pathologists who perform primary screening, collectively referred to as primary screeners below. Provision is made to allow a primary screener to exceed this workload limit, provided he or she has demonstrated satisfactory performance and experience. A Documentation of Increased Workload Limit Form must be submitted to the Program by the laboratory for each primary screener.