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Documenting the Proficiency Testing Process


Participating laboratories must maintain the following documentation of the processing of proficiency testing materials for review by Department staff as required. Review of this documentation may occur during the on-site survey.

  1. Each step taken in preparing, processing, examining, testing and reporting all results in the proficiency test event.
  2. Copies of all testing records, including copies of the proficiency test report forms, for a minimum of 2 years from the date of the test event for all categories, except Forensic Identity, which requires retention for 3 years, and Immunohematology, which requires retention for 5 years.
  3. For New York State proficiency testing, the Electronic Proficiency Test Reporting System (EPTRS) Summary Page, which includes the attestation statement printed and signed by the laboratory director or responsible assistant director, the delegated submitter and the analyst.
  4. For other providers’ proficiency test events, the test attestation statements signed by the director or the authorized assistant director (certificate of qualification holder for the permit category) and the analyst(s) performing the testing.