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The 2016 proficiency test schedule is provided.

Proficiency testing samples for each permit category and test required by federal and state regulations are sent to participating laboratories three times per year, except Mycobacteriology which is sent to participating laboratories twice per year.

Proficiency tests for each permit category that are not federally required but are required by state regulations are sent to participating laboratories twice per year, except for the categories of Fetal Defect Markers and Trace Elements which occur three times per year.

The glass-slide component of the Cytohematology proficiency test is scheduled once annually. 

Most test events consist of five samples, for a total of fifteen samples per year in each category or test, unless noted otherwise in the Category Descriptions and Proficiency Test Requirements section of the Program Guide

Laboratories performing gynecologic Cytopathology testing must document enrollment in a federally-approved proficiency testing program.

Laboratories performing Forensic Identity Testing are required to participate in an ASCLD LAB-approved proficiency testing program and submit a brief summary to the Forensic Identity Section every six months. See Forensic Identity Standard S29.