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Proficiency Testing - Survey Search Tool

Laboratories seeking or holding a New York State clinical laboratory permit must successfully participate in proficiency testing for analytes described in CLIA subpart I.

The Department has screened PT surveys offered by several of the CMS-approved PT providers to identify those that meet New York State PT requirements for these analytes. 

Other surveys offered by these providers do not meet these requirements, but fulfill requirements for other analytes under Quality Assessment Sustaining Standard of Practice 3 (QA S3): Ongoing Verification of Examination Accuracy. 

The laboratory should confirm with the PT Administration Group that surveys offered by other CMS-approved providers meet New York State requirements.

Use the search tool below to identify analytes that require PT and surveys that satisfy PT requirements. 

  1. Choose a CLEP permit category from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click the search icon.
  3. The search will create either a message about PT requirements for that cateogory or an "Analyte" dropdown menu. Select an analyte and click the search icon again to create a list of acceptable PT surveys that include the analyte."