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Administrative Policies


Policies for Proficiency Testing offered by New York State

The following are the Department's policies concerning the reporting and grading of New York State proficiency testing results submitted by laboratories applying for or holding a New York State clinical laboratory permit.  Please contact your proficiency testing provider for its policies.  Please note that the Department has implemented a web-based Electronic Proficiency Testing Reporting System (EPTRS) and electronic submission is mandatory for all challenges. Information regarding the Health Commerce System and EPTRS access can be obtained in the Health Commerce System (HCS) section of the Guide to Program Requirements and Services.


Policies for Temporary Suspension of a Category or Test, Regardless of Proficiency Test Provider

Temporary Suspension of Testing at the Category Level

If the laboratory is unable to participate in two or more consecutive proficiency events for all tests included in a permit category, the category will be deleted from the laboratory permit. To reapply for the category, the laboratory must submit a request to add the category via eCLEP. The laboratory will be required to successfully participate in one proficiency test event and have an on-site survey, if applicable.

Temporary Suspension of Testing at the Test Level

If the laboratory temporarily suspends testing for an individual test on two or more consecutive proficiency test events, the individual test will be removed from the laboratory's test menu. To request the reinstatement of the deleted test, the laboratory should refer to the Comprehensive Test Approval Policy and Submission Guidelines, for the appropriate course of action based on the nature of the test.